Back support belt Rückli No. 45


An absolute must for all professions in which back-straining work is performed.

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Our back support belt Rückli is suitable for all professions. An absolute must for activities involving work that puts a strain on the back.

We have developed the Rückli back support belt to prevent frequent back pain. Take care and protect your back and abdominal muscles. With the supporting force from the backli, you support the lumbar vertebrae and spine. Rückli also forces you to lift and carry properly at work.

Therefore, the Rückli relieves you when walking, supports you when lifting heavy materials and prevents postural deformities. Use Rückli and prevent or reduce back problems.

Also, keep your back warm with Rückli to increase protection against back injuries and pain. Elastic nylon fabric with adjustable inner parts, you can wear the backli comfortably every day.

Back support belt Rückli for all professions and is made of high quality material with breathable fabric.
In sizes:
M 74-96 cm
L 89-100 cm
XL 100-117 cm
XXL 115-130 cm

EDP no. 1080-1000

Industries: Hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, pavers, tilers, slab layers, carpet and flooring layers, screed layers, parquet layers, laminate layers, floor layers, gardeners, gardeners and landscapers, facade construction, prefabricated house construction, house construction, wood construction, terrace construction, finishing, interior finishing, assembly and drywall builders, painters, upholsterers, interior decorators, carpenters, carpenters, scaffolding builders, construction workers, ventilation builders, roofers, masons, glaziers, assembly builders, fitters, and mechanics, machine and vehicle builders, ship builders, metalworkers, farriers, building yards, master builders, carpenters, etc.

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