Harmonica knee pads, item no. 13a (outer cover rubber) with apron

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Dry work clothes ensures the health of the legs, so this version has a rubberized protective extension.

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HARMONICA with extension. Due to its movable bellows, it makes every movement! With the apron made of rubberized fabric, it provides protection for the knee and shin against abrasions, moisture, cold and dirt. Apron size: 30 x 19 cm ( L/W)
– Especially suitable for laying screed.

– Optionally also available with rubber belt.

EDP no. 1010-G020

Price per pair

EDP no. 1010-0020
chemical resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, epoxy resins and the like moisture resistant extra abrasion resistance heat resistant at continuous heat of approx. 80° or for short periods up to approx. 100 Puncture resistant Performance level 1 = puncture resistant up to min. 100 Newton

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Weight 1150 g


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