FENTO MAX (400 Pro) knee pads


Fento 400 PRO knee pads for professional use.


The Fento 400 PRO knee pad is an extra long version of the Fento 200 and thus also protects the shin. The Fento 400 PRO is a new innovative knee pad with a large contact surface, very light and suitable for almost all work in a kneeling position, rounds off our range in the premium segment

  • 100% comfort
  • Breathable and replaceable inside
  • Developed with the help of medical specialists
  • Prevents knee and back pain due to pressure distribution
  • Perfect fit
  • Elastic band does not pinch the back of the knee
  • Inside breathable
  • Lightweight: 470 gram
  • Flexible and 100% waterproof
  • Durable and very wear resistant
  • Recommended by occupational health physicians and physiotherapists
  • Optimum pressure distribution: 10.1 – 12.1 N

You can find an overview of our Fento models here

EDP no. 1051-0015

abrasion resistance special-ergonomic puncture resistance_1 moisture resistant LOW WEIGHT high-sliding

Industries: Hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers,  Pavers, tilers, slab layers, carpet and floor layers, screed layers, parquet layers, laminate layers, floor layers, gardeners, garden and landscape builders, facade construction, prefabricated house construction, house construction, wood construction, terrace construction, finishing, interior finishing, assembly and drywall builders, painters, upholsterers, room fitters, carpenters, carpenters, scaffolders, builders, ventilation builders, roofers, masons, glaziers, assembly builders, fitters, and mechanics, machine and vehicle builders, shipbuilders, metalworkers, farriers, building yards, master builders, builders, carpenters, etc.

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