JOINT SHOVER with wide apron, item no. 20b


like GELENK Art. No 20a
Apron almost completely encloses the calf
Apron size : 35 x 32 cm (L/W)


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Joint protectors manufactured with ergonomic molding. Hard shell made of shock and impact resistant material. Anti-slip and anti-crack protection made of abrasion-resistant TPE.  This protector has an additional wide skirt riveted from rubberized fabric. The sham bone is protected against abrasions, moisture, cold and dirt. Apron size: 35 x 32 cm (L/W)

Price per pair

EDP no. 1040-0003
chemical resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, epoxy resins and the like Particularly ergonomic moisture resistant extra abrasion resistance Puncture resistant Performance level 2 = puncture resistant up to min. 250 Newton

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Weight 1,13 g


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