Joint protector with apron, item no. 20a


Joint protector is manufactured like item no. 23 with ergonomic molded part and an additional skirt made of rubberized fabric is riveted on.

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Joint protector is made  with ergonomic molding. Hard shell made of shock and impact resistant material. Anti-slip and anti-wear protection made of abrasion-resistant TPE.

Due to its movable joint, this knee brace offers roptimal all-round protection with great freedom of movement. Dier hate outer shell made of polyethylene with anti-slip profile allows kneeling even on hard, uneven surfaces. Manufactured according to mining standard DIN 23311 with padding of cellular rubber. Certified according to DIN EN14404, puncture resistant according to performance level 2.

An additional apron riveted from rubberized fabric. The sham bone is protected against abrasions, moisture, cold and dirt. Apron size : 31 x 23,5 cm (L/W)

Price per pair

EDP no. 1040-0002
chemical resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, epoxy resins and the like Particularly ergonomic moisture resistant extra abrasion resistance heat resistant at continuous heat of approx. 80° or for short periods up to approx. 100 Puncture resistant Performance level 2 = puncture resistant up to min. 250 Newton

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