Gelmaster, art. no. 68


Kneel like butter!
….. who already can no longer kneel without pain, finds the greatest possible support with this knee pad. Unbeatable pressure distribution due to extremely large and soft gel-filled contact surface. High stability and stability characterize this knee pad.


Gelmaster – Knee pads. Butter soft kneeling even in small effective knee pad! This new development features flexible, air-cushioned and durable honeycombs, these provide high shock absorption with maximum mobility. The GEL-SOFT adapts to both the surfaces and the knee thanks to its small flexible shape. It is non-slip and can be used on almost all surfaces, in addition completely washable.

Price per pair

EDP no. 1051-0009
Particularly ergonomic moisture resistant extra abrasion resistance heat resistant at continuous heat of approx. 80° or for short periods up to approx. 100 Puncture resistant Performance level 1 = puncture resistant up to min. 100 Newton

Industries: Hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, pavers, tilers, slab layers, carpet and flooring layers, screed layers, parquet layers, laminate layers, floor layers, gardeners, gardeners and landscapers, facade construction, prefabricated house construction, house construction, wood construction, terrace construction, finishing, interior finishing, assembly and drywall builders, painters, upholsterers, interior decorators, carpenters, carpenters, scaffolding builders, construction workers, ventilation builders, roofers, masons, glaziers, assembly builders, fitters, and mechanics, machine and vehicle builders, ship builders, metalworkers, farriers, building yards, master builders, carpenters, etc.

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